Refresh Massage Studio and Spa

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We proudly use Eminence Organic Skin in all of our spa treatments


The Facial Bounce Back 30 min $45

Take control of your skin with these 30 min facials. Designed to be shorter and more basic so you can come more frequent. Get on top of your skin concerns and bounce back to a new you ( cleanse, treatment, masque, serum)

Market Fresh Facial 60 min $95

A facial with skin care ingredients picked fresh from Organic farms! This 60 min facial will take your senses right to the farmer's gardens, and take your skin to a new feeling of fresh! It’s like a raw food diet for your face

The Facial Addict 75min $115

Customized in 70 minutes just for your face concerns. Have sensitive skin, no problem, want extractions, not problem, want an aggressive peel, ya we can do that too! With this facial, you will get what you want, every time, no matter what is going on with your skin

The Overhaul 120 min $175

Experience the ultimate overhaul on your mind, skin and body with our longest facial ( It’s 2 hours of pure bliss!) Complete with Specialized Eminence Organic Hungarian Massage techniques to renew, reawaken an recharge YOU!  ( back exfoliation, eye treatment, lip treatment, leg and foot massage with scrub, arm massage, ultra lift add on )

Teenage Tune Up 30 min $45

Look, teenage skin concerns happen to all of us. Treat your skin to organic skin care and ditch the harsh, smelly chemicals that may actually be harming your skin. Leave your 30 min facial feeling refresh and confident ( cleanse, treat/exfoliate, extract, moisturize)

Seasonal Spruce Up 45 min $65

With each season comes change and detox. Don’t let your skin survive this change on it’s own! Take action and ease into the new season with skin ready to take on whatever the weather will bring. (Facials will change quarterly with seasonal products ( cleanse, treat/exfoliate masque, serum, moisturizer) 

The Man Made Facial 45 min $65

Yup, we had our men help with this one! Let’s get real. Men need facials too, whether its for beard burn, or weather damaged skin, it’s important to take care of what you’ve got. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised! ( cleanse, exfoliate, treat, hydrate)


Body Treatments

See You Later Cellulite Treatment 60 min $75

Are you hiding areas of your body that you are not your favourite? Chances are that is due to cellulite. Detox the cells with our Organic Herbal Cellulite treatment on the areas you hate the most!

Thermal Mud Treatment 60 min $75

Get wrapped in the therapeutic benefits of Hungarian Herbal Mud. Detoxify, increase circulation, and stimulate to refresh your body and mind. Full of minerals, sulphur, vitamin C and stimulating Hungarian Paprika. 

Time Traveller's Body Treatment 90 min $95

Turn back the clock with our Organic Age Corrective Body Treatment. Transform you skin and body with exfoliating and hydrating Organic products. Feel invigorated and cherish your youth with natural retinol and advanced stem cell technology.

We've Got Your Back Facial 45 min $65

Do you suffer from backne? Or that dreaded itchy spot from dry skin? Have our expert estheticians take care of those concerns and get that back beautiful.

Seasonal Bliss Body Treatment 60 min $80

Indulge in the sensations of each season with our specially designed body treatments custom to our ever changing skin concerns. Our treatments change every 3 months to give you the best of Eminence Organic Farms. 

  Foot Facials

Here at Refresh, we have designed foot treatments with a therapeutic twist. Unlike conventional pedicures, our focus is on massage and treatment. Every treatment includes a soak, sugar scrub, nail and cuticle cleanup, massage and BioSculpture Soak Off Nail Colour. Included in our Foot Facials are also a heel treatment. We do not use traditional nail polish during our services. 

Refresh Foot Facial


Includes complimentary BioSculpture soak off and conditioning treatment after service

BioSculpture Foot Application


Give your toes some colour with this express service. Includes a soak, and nail cleanup with colour application