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Gathering Room Rental Agreement

THIS VENUE RENTAL AGREEMENT (this “ Agreement”) is dated as of __________________ (“effective date”) and is between Refresh Massage Studio and Spa (“owner”) and ______________________ (‘Renter”).

The parties agree as follows:


(a)The venue under this agreement (“venue’) is described as follows:

The Gathering Room located inside Refresh Massage Studio and Spa, as well as the corresponding washroom facility located nearest to the rental space. There is no access to the waiting room space of the spa, the treatment rooms located behind the siding door, or any other facility located within Refresh. Guests will arrive by front entrance and continue to the Gathering Room by the front.

(b)Contact Information of the Parties:


Contact Name: Lindsay O’Quinn

Phone Number : 306-621-3172 ( during closed office hours)

Address: 35 Smith Street West Yorkton, Sk S3N 0H9

Email Address:


Contact Name: ___________________________________________________

Phone Number : __________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________

Date of the Event: _______________________________________________________

Start Time of the Event: ___________________________________________________

End Time of Event : _______________________________________________________

Time Requested for Set Up: _________________________________________________

(c)Type of Event: _____________________________________________________________

(d)Anticipated Number of Guests: _______________________________________________


Available Options

(a)______ tables (6ft rectangular) at a cost of $5 per table = __________

(b)______ chairs (folding and wood) at a cost of $3 per chair = ____________

(c)______ plastic table clothes for additional $5 ___________

(d)floor pillows $15__________

(e)Projector $25____________

Additional Information: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Additional Fees/Charges

(a)$100 damage fee may be charged if venue is left in any condition that it was not rented in ( confetti/glitter, garbage, damage to walls, broken plants/tables/chairs, cleaning of floor pillows, accessing off limit locations within facility ( cameras are present within the spa)

(b)$50 for lost or not returned keys

Renter’s Responsibility and Expectations

Renter is responsible for cleaning room after use. Garbage bag and broom will be provided. Please leave full garbage bag in Gathering Room for Refresh Staff to dispose of. Renter will not adhere anything to wall with tape or tacks/nails. Please use 3M hooks, however PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE. Refresh Staff will remove. Renter will lock door and NOT SET ALARM. Renter will return key within 2 business days of event. No illegal activity will be done within the event space, or property (inside and out). We kindly ask that no large candles are burned during the event. Please do not adjust the temperature of the space.



Renter will pay Owner ____________ per hour for a total of ____________ hours.

Credit Cards will be taken at time of signing agreement and will be held for 24 hours after event in case of damage fee charge. Any additional fees or changes to agreement will be charged at time of signing.

If Agreement between Renter and Owner is suspended, Renter will be charged 25% of total rental charge.

For Owner:

Signature: _________________________________Date:___________________

Print: _____________________________________

For Renter:

Signature : ________________________________Date :____________________

Print: ____________________________________

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