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Cosmetic Tattooing 

Cosmetic Tattooing is used to enhance features of the face such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, beauty marks and freckles. Semi permanent pigment is deposited into the dermal layer of the skin. This process will last several years and fade over time. To see our gallery, head over to our Facebook page

Eyebrows $475

3D individual hair strokes are  used to fill in sparse or non existing hair in your brow. The shading or block technique is used to create a soft powdered look for those that enjoy the on fleek look. This look is often seen with the popularity of home brow kits and makeup palettes.

Full Lips and Liner $600
Blended Lip Liner $400

Choose your natural colour with a boost or pick you favourite shade of lipstick to enhance your daily makeup routine. Cosmetic tattooing of the lips can enhance the shape and bring back colour to faded lips.

Top  starting at $250
Bottom $250
Both Top and Bottom  starting at $475

Save time every morning with semi permanent eyeliner. Either a simple lash line enhancement, or as bold as a thick winged liner, Cosmetic tattooing is a perfect addition for an on the go look!

Beauty Mark $99

Don't have a natural beauty mark? Add one with ease. Freckles can be added as well

Skin Revision

Electrocautery is when heat is directly applied to the skin to destroy the targeted tissues. it works only on the unwanted tissue without damage to the surrounding area. Comparable treatments would be surgery or cryotherapy

Skin Revision Treatment Starting at $120/session

(Up to 3) moles, skin tags, warts, freckles, sun spots, and broken capillaries can be removed or improved with the use of electrocautery.

Tattoo Removal $120/session

Electrocautery is a highly effective treatment for the removal of cosmetic tattooing. It can be used for the removal of body tattoos, however multiple treatments may be needed.

Dry Needling $120/treatment

Dry Needling is used for acne scars, stretch marks as well as wrinkles. Skin needling gives similar results to chemical peels and laser treatments with less damage done to the epidermis. More blood vessels and healthy skin remain in tact. Dry Needling can be done frequently. Compared to collagen injections, dry needling treatment has the body producing its own collagen to repair wrinkles, scars and scar tissue. 3-5 treatments are necessary to see results.